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The firm OFFICINE MECCANICHE FORLANI was set up in 1947 thanks to Gianmaria Forlani. Nowadays the new entrepreneurial energy and the spirit of enterprise of his sons have joined the many-year-long experience. Officine Meccaniche Forlani company, in fact, can meet every kind of demand, thanks to its versatile and diversified production such as straight cylindrical, internal and external gears, splined shafts and worm screws. All products are grinded with more than 40 gear cutting machines.

Thanks to the involute grinding constantly tested by specific instruments, each Officine Meccaniche Forlani labelled product insures a high quality standard stated also by the ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, the structure of Officine Meccaniche Forlani enables them to check both single products and series production, warranting at the same time the maximum precision and on-time deliveries.

The company is also provided with a huge tools stock, stored with more than 1500 tools from M=0,5 to M=20 having any kind of profile and pressure angle in order to satisfy every kind of request.